Monday, March 8, 2010


I never realized how much I would miss hearing you say my name with excitement in your voice.

The sustain pedal is lifted, and the decay of the piano is abruptly cut short; the silence is deafening.

It felt right to be with her, walking along in silence.

Once again, in the middle of everything else distracting, life breaks through.

The first time you hear it, you’re never prepared.

you don’t understand—
i get tired so easy
just waiting around

There’s something about tapered-leg jeans that serves as a kind of unspoken warning sign.

I wanted that balance, between books and people, knowledge and experience.

I keep waking up and it’s still today.

I can’t stop thinking about Nick Berg.

She would not disappoint.

It’s like you’re gone when we’re talking.

weren’t talking to talk, really-
we were just talking to be talking
to be talking.

Nothing but this
No words but this
No sound
No sound
No sound

I don’t generally like to wake up.

“Dirty,” he says, nodding his head backward.

I got a lot of questions starting out.

You just keep moving on and it becomes a part of you.

I am not afraid of hard work.

Perspective, a great and cruel teacher, has taught me that the world won’t stop if I don’t join in the fun and games.

We’ve still got some leftover Halloween stuff, and I was eating you know those “Fun Size” butterfingers the other day. Fun Size. What is that, really? When does eating candy ever evolve into the “not fun” realm? I’ll tell you what is fun size, is like a butterfinger the size of my thigh. The little ones, they are like, joke size. Fun would be eating candy the size of your head.

“You know,” I commented to Becky as we stepped across the rubberized pad, “it’s kind of like a rollercoaster.”

I think I stand a chance of getting something. Besides a letter that says, “You suck.”

The Officer is always, whether knowingly or no, an ambassador for the Navy and the United States. This may be considered part of the burden of taking up the role of “Officer,” but the rewards, in my opinion, render this weight negligible.

Fortunately, she was already grinning, so her amusement was easy to hide.

It was, after all, March in Rhode Island.

Everything was still.

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