Wednesday, January 6, 2010

epiphany and the firecat

today I found out this sickness I've been fighting is an upper respiratory infection. I came home after frequenting the clinic and the hospital, carrying yet more pills in a brown paper bag. I chugged five and nasally sprayed myself (and let me tell you, isn't THAT nice) before brunch. I passed out rather quickly after eating and enjoying a particularly spectacular stomachache. I am on SIQ, or doctor's orders to remain "sick in quarters" for 48 hours.

the cat is ignoring me. and I... I am bored. tonight as she sat, perched on the back of the couch and looking all cozy in front of the fire, I snuck stealthily up behind her. like a great, sweatshirt-clad coughing ninja. she was sleeping, a little mass of humped-up grey fur. I poked. she yowled. I was the teaser, she the firecat.

the thing that makes me the most grumbly about today is that today is Epiphany. nobody really pays attention to Epiphany anymore, but COGS does, and I was supposed to sing tonight in honor of those great eastern sages, plodding along on dromedary to find a very small boy in a rather small town underneath a blazing, astrological phenomena. instead, tonight found me laying by the fire, looking at the tree a few more times mournfully, and occasionally sneezing at the cat. she didn't stir. yes, and I said looking at the tree- it will come down tomorrow. or whenever I next feel up to it. Christmastide is now officially past. but only barely; we have twelve days, and then a bit of discovery, you know.

happy realization of hope day. happy completion of journey day. happy light of the world day. tomorrow: the flight to egypt. tonight: gifts, and the recognizance of the wildest dream ever born.

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